Manure cracker

Making fertilizer from manure!


Thin fraction liquid manure is pumped in to the manure cracker. When this is done, Cracker chalk will be added to the manure . The cracker chalk raises the pH. Because of the pH increase in the manure, the ammonia nitrogen will be released through diffusion. In addition, Cracker chalk has the quality that binds to the phosphate.


The phosphate precipitates and can be disposed of easily. The ammonia from the liquid manure that is released wil be led through an air washer and is therefore an substitute for artificial fertilizer.

So the manure cracker takes nitrogen and phosphate from the thin manure fraction.

The manure cracker processes the manure. Simply drain the phosphate sludges. Nitrogen stays behind on your business as a fertilizer substitute. Organic matter can be preserved for your business.


The manure cracker is made possible by the following parties: